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Tenant Representation

A company's facility requirement is among the most important aspects in the success of your business. As a recurring and ever-changing component of your business strategy, real estate decisions pose a critical challenge to the growth and prosperity of your company. Whether you utilize office, retail or industrial property choosing NYCRG is the smart way.

We can help, at no cost to you!

  • NYCRG can define your space requirements and leasing objectives and pinpoint the correct solution.
  • Using NYCRG market access, and market knowledge base to locate and acquire just the right properties for you and your company. 
  • Through our vast leasing experience NYCRG is able to recommend and advise our client as to their best course of action to achieve the highest value of lease concessions and the lowest possible lease rate.
  • NYCRG tenant representation services are free to the tenant because the landlord covers our costs.